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I had the honor and privilege to work with AVAHATAR since its inception. In my personal and professional experience, I have never seen a theory work so precisely and  intimately to pull the strengths and truth from core of the addict. Exposing their true character of the hidden superhero which resides within, using their own experiences, creates a connection between the person and their truth like no talk therapy can achieve. People begin to to truly believe in themselves and see the light that shines within. It was beautiful and profound. And today there are many many AVAHATAR Heroes roaming the planet sober and free. 

Stacy Jo, - The Empathic Badass Sobriety Date 9/5/2004


The heroes journey invoked a light in me I did not know existed. I was a pile of soggy kindling that was laid out to dry, had a match thrown onto me, and against all odds, was set aflame. All I had to do was be willing to step out of the puddle that was keeping me wet. Developing your hero is an immersion experience you don’t realize you’ve succumb to until the change is already happening. The greatest gift I’ve been given is the ability to share the spark with others and discover my passion as an educator. In retrospect, it is hard work, but the greatest freedom is the realization that you were always the one holding the match.

- Nick L. The power five professor,

age 23 sober and clean since 4/15/18


This program was so much different than anything else I had ever experienced. The fire ceremony really grabbed me and showed me a different side to recovery than I had not seen before. My hero work helped to relay my story in way that really showed who I was and the person I wanted to be in the future. Rabbi Jenni genuinely cares for each and every person who went through the program and helped us in anyway that she was able to. -

-Carter K. 31 years old 2 years clean and sober

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