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In the Revolutionary Workbook, Rabbi Jenny's 22 exercises and forms transform the victim inside to the hero, visionary, and healer. Combining the 22 exercises of the workbook, which includes Hero Work, Eagle Vision, and Breathwork to name a few, with Sacred Ceremonies and Structure, a 9 week Shamanic Journeying Curriculum, and 12 week Art Groups provide the necessary foundation for one's recovery and reconnection to purpose. In addition there is a Charity Project Component and AHAVATAR Recovery Journal that is provided to each participant to be completed daily to help incorporate the work done in groups and create a way of living that allows purposeful and long term recovery. AHAVATAR is a perfect companion to 12 Step philosophy and all other supportive recovery programs. AHAVATAR ignites the individual to a sense of purpose, reconnects them to the world and is the first step of a fully empowered life. AHAVATAR is used in Substance Abuse, Trauma, Grief and Foster Care Reentry with Educate Tomorrow. 


Ahava: Love

Avatar: A manifestation of the divine in bodily form on the earth.

Ahavatar: One who walks the earth with clear purpose in the full knowledge of one's divine power of love and light within.

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